Using your power for good.

The Celebrities for Charity Foundation is the premier vehicle to support the causes that matter most to you and your organization.   
Co-founder and CEO, Cleon Daskalakis, former NHL Bruins player, has always believed in leveraging the power of community, authenticity and influence to enact positive change on the world. He, along with fellow co-founder, Hall of Fame NHL Defenseman Raymond J. Bourque, established the Celebrities for Charity Foundation with the purpose of providing an agnostic platform intended to provide all non-profit organizations with universal access to meaningful experiences and funding. 
With over 20 years of experience, CFC has been able to leverage the influence of celebrities to exponentially benefit charitable organizations achieve their uniquely deserving missions. The term 'celebrity' refers to thought leaders, influencers, athletes, social phenomenons, sports franchises, brands, non-profit organizations and individuals that have been given invaluable resources to spread messages on behalf of those that need it most.
CFC became an independent 501(c)(3) charity in 2002 with the mission to unite the goodwill of celebrities with the generosity of their fans to assist people in need.



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